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. for john boehner or barack obama or mitch mcdonnell or harry reid, they have a big problem and a structural problem in the political system. >> we have to take a break f. you're sick of talking about the fiscal cliff, we're going it to take a break after this. some news for you. we'll debut the new polls with the top contenders for 2016. i'll ask you all to offer up some predictions for in new yearle as well. >>> we are back wrapping up the fiscal cliff talks. what i'm wondering here, matt, is we hear so often about a cliff. it's a natural disaster, falling off a cliff. you object to this. >> i do. it's important to remember this is not a fiscal cliff. the cliff as you say is something that occurs in nature. you come up on a cliff and if you don't slow down, you plummet to your death. this is a fiscal suicide vest. this is congress rigging the system and saying last year in 2011 it actually was, we can't be trusted to make good, mature decisions about what needs to be done. we're going to booby-trap the system, and if we can't act like adults this date certain, it will explode and be awful.
to john boehner, i offered him a trillion dollars in cuts, we're talking two to one cuts to income rates, why didn't you just take it? >> well, candy, that's interesting. i watched the interview. i don't think any american has ever seen the trillion dollars in cut that he offered. >> well, he -- >> and there's never been any specifics. if i were a president, i certainly would lay those out before the american people. i've been as involved with this as any senator in the united states senate, other than mitch mcconnell and harry reid. i have never seen those cuts, so i'd love to take those up on the senate floor. let me just say this, like every american, i'm disgusted with where we are. i know people are irritated at the president, they're irritated at congress, as they should be. there's no question that in the next few days or next few weeks, we're going to rescue most of the american people from a tax increase. we're going to do it. better to do it over the next day or two. but what hasn't happened in this debate is any discussion about real reductions, reforms in medicare and social
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2